Python Folium Library

Installation of folium

$ pip install folium


How do you use(Install) Folium in Jupyter Notebook or Anaconda?

$ conda install folium -c conda-forge

What are tile styles of Folium maps?

Before getting started let’s understand what is tiles and zooming in map

Getting Started

#Creating simple map

marker=folium.Map(location=[28.704060,77.102493], zoom_start=4)

#saving a map in folium (create a html page)‘index.html’)


Markers and Popup

#creating a simple marker

folium.Marker([28.609140,77.234138], popup=’India Gate’, tooltip=”click me for more”).add_to(marker)


Plotting Geojson/ json and Topojson file on map

#plotting Geojson data on map






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