Python Folium Library

Installation of folium

Installation is same as other libraries in python

What are tile styles of Folium maps?

Before getting started let’s understand what is tiles and zooming in map

Tiles are 256x256 pixels. At the outer most zoom level, 0, the entire world can be rendered in a single map tile (consider world map as one tile).Each zoom level doubles in both dimensions, so a single tile is replaced by 4 tiles when zooming in.

Getting Started

To create a basic map, simply pass your starting coordinates (longitude and latitude) to Folium map function.

Markers and Popup

There are numerous marker types (see the google map), start with simple style location marker with popup.

Plotting Geojson/ json and Topojson file on map

Geojson/json files: GeoJSON is a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) based format designed to represent the geographical features with their non-spatial attributes. The features reflect addresses and places as point’s streets, main roads and borders as line strings and countries, provinces, and land regions as polygons.



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